Friday, March 25, 2011

Blocked from certain Facebook functions?

I’m really confused, haven’t been able to use chat all day, comment on photos or albums, haven’t tested commenting on statuses yet.

I don’t spam Facebook chat, in fact I rarely use it. When it comes to commenting I really don’t comment often, I have a fair few friends but I don’t even interact with most of them.

So, could it be my account was hacked and somebody was sending all this junk to my friends? I highly doubt that though, when you log into my Facebook you have to put in your computer name, so I have checked and there is nothing out of the ordinary.

Wait, I just logged out, and in, now I can see my friends on chat, but when I try talking to one it says

‘An error occurred. Please try logging in again.’

Now that I have logged out and in again after seeing that, I can’t see the box at all….

My Facebook games are reloading themselves.

I am able to send and receive inboxes. I had made a status, about 16 hours ago, I question if anybody can see it.

Also, in my privacy settings I can’t view the ‘Preview my Profile’ page.

I just emailed and received and email back instantly saying there were no records that my account had been disabled.



There maybe a problem with your Internet connection. Please check it out.


sometimes facebook goes on maintenence and stuff stops working for a while. try again tomorrow and see if it's better or not. if it's still not working, i guess u cud try emailing them again


Sometimes if your email isn't assertive enough, they just blow it off. Try again and DEMAND that they fix your problem IMMEDIATELY. Tell them your dad will be making some calls and taking names. That should get it fixed immediately.

Benefits and consequences of having a facebook?

Trying to convience parents to let me make one but first they want to know benefits & consequences! They ONLY talk Spanish so if you could write it in English and spanish that will be great thanks :) cmon people help me get a fb! LOL


the benefits are you can make your page private to where only you and your close friends can see and chat with each other.


The consequence is you sell your soul to the devil of the new digital age. You are signing the contract sir. Please don't turn away from Jesus.


benefits: you can look up for your long lost friend (lost contact friends) thru fb...

can social up with your friends their news/updating....

sharing your thoughts/videos/images among friends....

can know new friends

consequences : u'll be addicted to fb (keep fb-ing all the time)

can be misleading if use unwisely


everything is a benefit

Can companies use programs to monitor my facebook?

Added One of my managers on facebook and literally the next day i was told i had to delete her from my boss, my account was set to private and the managers aswell. Told my other manager and she said they have programs which legally can monitor everything even if all is private as long as i have them set as my listed employer


If you added them on a work computer, then yes they can definitely track it if they have the software for it. Many, many companies monitor their employees' usage online and offline and track what they're doing.


yes they can if you are on facebook at work


yeah companies will hire special departments to access your account and if they dont like what they see it effects their hiring process...sadly they can do whatever they want, im not allowed to add my bosses either dont worry its a rule:\


if it is with the work computer, they can spy on everything you do with spy software.

Anybody Know Any Good Fb Status games?

Just Something To Do On there...?


Facebook Craze

Tag Your Friends Pics, Facebook Status Updates & Facebook Games!

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Are you on twitter and need to get some followers?

Follow me i follow back-mistafootitt


yeahh im on twitter, follow me back! imma follow you right now :)


try use

Anyone know anywebsites like facebook ?? to get on at home ?

we have skool laptops and we arew able nto bring them home to use and b4 facebook and mypsace werent blocked but knw it isss and i want to get on a website tht is facebook but not the real facebook like, kiteposter.come likee tht stufff bc i wanna check my facebook and its blocked on my skoo computer sooooooo pleaseeeeee HELP MEE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! xD




Your stuck. Unless you are or know a decent hacker, that block will always be there. Our high school's was easy to bypass, but they even had searching the phrase "facebook" blocked.


There are many..

myYearbook (which i use a lot.)






and I have made my own website.

^ thats not advertising, i'm just saying, if you want to make one...

and then my friend made one too.

EDIT: And here is a HUGE list of websites you could use!…


you can bypass the block with proxy site.

Are the first friends that show up on my Facebook profile the ones who most visit my profile?



No.. they are just random ones... Sometimes they show those friends whose profile you haven't visited for quite sometime...